Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

{ The Workshop of My Little Friends }

 orderan menumpuk....deadline sudah dekat
untunglah suamiku dan adikku tercinta membantu aku...walau sedikit
hehehehe......................seneng banget deh, mereka support aku banget
love u my husband and my little sister u are the best

karena  ada sedikit campur tangan mereka akhirnya
pesanan mb tika siap deh......:) cheeeerrrssss

Hi...if u want to know how and where all kinds of handmade is made?
Lanny loves to make handmade for you because there is the satisfaction he feels and
can not imagine that he is ......she make it with full love and special for u

The workshop at lanny homes in Citra Garden Blok D2 no 53 Sidoarjo  
You can come and don't forget to make appointment whit lanny 

This is motif fabric and "My Little Friends" label

so don't worry i loved to have many friend

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